Day Eight: and Feelin’…wait.

Day Eight down: we are 25% of the way done with the whole thirty days. Not that anyone is counting.

Curiously, day eight was marked by a lesser degree of inner emptiness. Unfortunately this was not true of all the troops, as half of the personnel on the diet reported continued famine-like conditions dominating their interiors. Perhaps one thing helping me was my decision to spread the chewing exercise across a greater portion of the day by saving the purely vegetable portions of my lunch for slowly consuming throughout the afternoon.

There’s not really much to report today. The local culinary specialist continues to do amazing work with the limited resources she has to work with, and I continue to think of how pleasant it will be to eat a largish bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough accompanied by a largish glass of red wine. Average morale today is fair. In fact, my morale was good enough that I revived thoughts of doing some work on my oft-started never-finished Morale-O-Meter project. It would be just like this Whole Thirty diet to spur to completion something like that.

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