About Matt Winckler

I’m a Christian, board gamer, erstwhile video gamer, software developer, amateur sailor, and family man.


My Christian faith aligns with confessional Reformed theology. I hold to the Three Forms of Unity, but I’m equally comfortable with the Westminster Confession of Faith, with minor exceptions. The confessions describe my beliefs, but not my circle of fellowship.


Board games are one of my primary hobbies—not Monopoly and Risk, but rather the modern strategy games such as Agricola, Eclipse, Food Chain Magnate, and the like. My ideal evening includes good friends, a board game, and a good bottle of wine.


I’m a software craftsman specializing in web applications and Windows desktop applications. In the hip parlance, I’m a “full stack” developer, meaning I’m capable of building, configuring, and maintaining applications from the ground up, including the hardware and software they run on. Contact me if you’d like to talk about work or have something you’d like me to do.